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Caleb Wright was the foremost mill owner in Tyldesley. Like many Lancashire mill owners he came from a humble background. He acquired great wealth through the establishment of six mills in Tyldesley. He was elected MP for Leigh in 1885 at the age of 75 and retired from Parliament in 1895. He was a Gladstonian Liberal and supported Home Rule for Ireland and votes for women. 



1810 born in Atherton into a family of 13

1826 apprenticed as spinner to Jones Brothers at Tyldesley New Mill, Castle St.

1841 manager of Ormerod and Hardcastles Mill in Bolton

1844 erects Barnfield Mill No1 with Manchester business man H.P. Barton

1859 Marries Annie Kirkpatrick

1865 Barnfield Mill No2  built by Caleb Wright, Union St. with Peter and Charles Eckersley

1870 Barnfield Mill No3  built by Caleb Wright, Union St. Firm now known as Caleb Wright and Co.

1872 Barnfield Mill No4 built in Union St.

1876 Caleb Wright laid plans for Tyldesley Swimming Baths which he opened 22.7.1876. Originally situated in Union St.

1881 Caleb Wright buys Resolution Mills in Shuttle St.

1885 elected MP for Leigh Division

1894 Barnfield Mill No 6 built in Shuttle St. on site of Resolution Mills

1898 dies at his home, Lower Oak, in Shackerley. Buried at Chowbent Unitarian Chapel.

Caleb Wright, mill owner of Tyldesley and MP, 1810-1898