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Historic Maps of Tyldesley

For current map of Tyldesley click here


Yates Map of Lancahsire 1786 shows Tyldesley straddling either side of the highway. The sites of the Manor houses of Shakerley, Cleworth, Garratt, Astley (Dam House) and Chaddock can be clearly seen.





Hennets Map of Lancashire 1829 clearly shows that Tyldesley, under the patronage of Thomas Johnson and his eagerness to develop his estate, by this time had a grid pattern of streets running along the top of the Banks.  

GenaImageSourcer.png (227148 bytes)

Ordnance survey map of Tyldesley 1849 with later revisions showing the railway of 1864 This is a very large map and shows tremendous detail but may take some time to open.


wpe8.jpg (58544 bytes)

Ordnance survey map of Tyldesley 1936. The map clearly shows the Parish church of St. George in the centre with Castle St running north. At the bottom of the map is Tyldesely Railway Station and St. Georges Bank Colliery. At the top of the map is the Barnfield Mills complex.