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Tyldesley Station was situated at the bottom of Wareing Street. Tyldesley was on a branch of the London and North Western Railway from  Eccles to Wigan. It opened on 1st September 1864. The line closed in 1969. For a full account see the excellent 'A Lancashire Triangle, Part One', by D.J.Sweeney (Triangle Publishing 1996)

The Railway, station and railwaymen






Station 1867.JPG (200144 bytes)

Early and atmospheric view of Tyldesley Station. Probably taken about 1867 with Wareing St. running left to right.

Station2.JPG (149615 bytes)

  Tyldesley Station 1920.
tyl stattion.JPG (162367 bytes) Tyldesley Station looking east. Note the island
station approach.JPG (134505 bytes) Station approached from Wareing St. Note entrance to cattle yard on right.
station 60's.JPG (141240 bytes) !960's platform scene looking west. Note chimney of St. Georges Bank Colliery
royal scot.JPG (52093 bytes) 'Royal Scot' passing through Tyldesley Station when diverted Sunday March 26th 1961. Note St. Georges church in background
railwaymen.JPG (184681 bytes) 1958 photo of the presentation to Tyldesley Station Master F. Wilkinson on his retirement.